Ambassadors Program

Future Technologies

Ambassadors Program Services

Training and qualification

Qualifying and training job seekers in the main fields of information and communication technology through short training programs.


Guidance and counseling

Orientation counseling sessions in the academic and professional fields are provided through Digital Atta.


Meetings and workshops

Meetings and workshops in the field of modern technologies aiming at increasing awareness and knowledge in modern technologies.


Program Ambassadors

Brief About the faculty members and students who will receive training and qualification to be ambassadors for the program.


Cooperative Training

A program that aims to achieve compatibility between the university’s outputs and the needs of the labor market through qualitative training tracks consisting of harmonious educational and applied activities to develop the graduating national cadres.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Several initiatives in cooperation with the Ministry of Education to support and enable digital research and development projects in universities, develop digital skills for individuals in the educational system, support entrepreneurs and emerging technology projects, establish innovation centers and transfer technology to universities.


Universities participating

in the program